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Case Study: Innovative Ventilation Solution for Passive House Regulations 

Client: Living Space Homes.  
Project: Ventilation System Installation for New Build Townhouses.  
Location: Wheatley Drive, Watford, WD25 9LH.  
Duration: 3 weeks   


Living Space Homes approached SL Services to address the ventilation requirements for a block of six new build townhouses over three floors. Under Passive House Regulations Part F, these properties required sufficient ventilation to meet building standards and regulations. The townhouses initially lacked any form of ventilation, presenting a significant challenge. 


The key challenge was to install a comprehensive ventilation system that not only met regulatory requirements but also provided energy-efficient solutions for heating, cooling, hot water production and wet-system underfloor heating. The properties were new builds without pre-existing ventilation infrastructure, and the client had constraints due to the RSJs (rolled steel joists – supporting beams) and limited ceiling heights. 


SL Services recommended the Nilan Compact P EK, a top-of-the-line system known for its active heating, active cooling, passive heat recovery, hot water production, and underfloor heating capabilities promoting a healthy indoor climate and low energy consumption. Our expert installers executed the project with precision, ensuring the system integrated seamlessly with the property’s structure. 

Installation Process: 

First Fix (2 Weeks): 

  • Installed the manifolds, plenum boxes, and blue semi-rigid ducting. 
    Positioning of Machines (2 Days): 
  • Placed the Nilan Compact P EK units into designated cupboards. 
    Final Connections (4 Days): 
  • Connected atmosphere penetrations and manifolds to the Nilan Compact P EK, completing the air movement circuit. 
  • On completion of the installation, commissioning the machines air-side. 

Innovative Approach: 

Given the constraints with ceiling heights and RSJs, SL Services collaborated closely with the site manager to devise a solution. We incorporated built-in laundry cupboards, allowing us to reduce ceiling heights strategically and run ducting beneath the supporting steel beams. The steel beams span the width of the house, and with the machine situated at the front, this approach was the most effective way to access the rear of the property. This approach enabled efficient access to all rooms and maintained a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish. 

Products Used: 

  • Nilan Compact P EK 
  • Semi-rigid 75mm ducting 
  • 160mm ISO pipe 
  • 160mm flexible ducting 
  • Plenum boxes (sizes 1, 2, and 3) 
  • 10 Port Manifolds 
  • 12 Port Manifolds 

How It Works: 

The Nilan Compact P EK system functions by drawing in external air, filtering it, and injecting it into living spaces. Simultaneously, the system extracts foul air from areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. During this process, the passive heat recovery feature stores heat from the extracted air, enhancing energy efficiency and maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. The electric element will heat the water for the underfloor heating system, utilising a Grundfos pump to circulate the heated water throughout the ground floor. Upon completion, the engineer will return to commission the air side of the machine, ensuring it is balanced in both supply and extraction. This process is essential for the proper functioning of the system and maintaining a consistent ambient temperature.  


The installation of the Nilan Compact P EK system successfully addressed the ventilation needs of the new build townhouses, ensuring compliance with Passive House Regulations. The client was pleased with the seamless integration and the enhanced energy efficiency provided by the system. 

This case study highlights the expertise of SL Services in delivering advanced ventilation solutions that meet regulatory standards and client needs, even under challenging conditions.