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Supplying Nilan systems to SL Services in the UK for 16 years

Nilan Compact P Range

Nilan Compact P Basic

Nilan’s Compact P Range Product description

Nilan’s Compact P is an energy-efficient total indoor climate solution for all types of low-energy buildings, single-family homes, flats and small office areas in commercial leases with a ventilation requirement of up to 300 m3/h.

Compact P recovers the energy from the extracted air using a highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger. The remaining energy that is not utilised by the counter flow heat exchanger is used by the heat pump to produce hot water, and to further heat the supply air.

The heat pump has a reversible cooling circuit, which means that, in the summer, the unit can cool the supply air by up to 10 °C. Due to the low air exchange, the cooling does not function as an air conditioning system. On cooling, the supply air is dehumidified, which gives a more pleasant indoor climate than is possible with an ordinary ventilation unit without a heat pump.

Nilan’s Compact P Range Future-proofsystem

Compact P hot water production fulfils the most stringent requirements in the ecodesign regulation and thereby achieves the highest energy labelling.

The system is tested by an independent testing institute and has achieved the demanding Passive Building Certificate, as further confirmation that this is a highly energy-sustainable solution.

Nilan Compact P EK

Product description

The Compact P EK unit has a built-in electrical boiler that can be connected to a waterborne central heating system, thereby providing electrical heating to the home.
The advantage of Compact P EK is that it does not require buried geothermal coils, or the installation of an air extraction heat pump, which is the case for traditional heat-pump based heating solutions. This makes installation easier and less expensive.

Electrical heating is a good solution for very well-insulated homes that do not use a lot of energy for heating, such as passive buildings. However, it must be checked whether electrical heating is legally permitted.

Nilan Compact P Air 9

Product description

Compact P AIR 9 has the same benefits and functions as Compact P, but also has an integrated air/water heat pump, with connection to waterborne underfloor heating or low temperature
radiators for central heating.

The solution consists of an integrated interior section in Compact P, as well as an exterior section that is easy to connect.

AIR 9 is delivered with a reversible heat pump, which also makes the unit capable of cooling.

AIR 9 is very silent and can be placed without disturbing it surroundings. During summer, when only hot sanitary water is needed, the fan is limited, reducing the noise level. This limit occurs when the outdoor temperature exceeds 7 °Cand limiting the compressors output to a maximum off 60 %. These criteria’s can be set individually.