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Nilan Comfort CT300 / Polar

The Comfort CT300 / Polar is a versatile digital turbine gas meter designed for residential and light commercial applications. This turbine flow meter measures gas flow rates to determine gas consumption. It provides accurate and reliable gas measurement, helping users monitor their gas usage. The CT300 is an ideal gas metering solution for applications like residential gas meters, commercial cooking gas, natural gas vehicles, gas turbines, and more. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the features, working, applications, and benefits of the Comfort CT300 / Polar turbine gas meter. 

Working Principle 

The Comfort CT300 works on the principle of turbine flow measurement. It consists of a turbine rotor mounted on a shaft within the gas flow passage. As gas passes through the meter, the rotor spins at a speed proportional to the gas velocity. The rotor blades then interrupt an LED beam, and these pulses are detected by an optical sensor. The sensor sends the pulse data to an electronic converter, which translates the signals into volumetric flow rate and totalized volume.  

The CT300 uses a low-friction ball bearing design that allows the rotor to spin easily with minimal gas flow. This enables it to measure even low flow rates precisely. The rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the gas flow rate – the faster the rotor spins, the higher the flow rate. This allows the flow meter to measure gas flow across a wide range of flow rates. 

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Comfort CT300 / Polar


– Measurement range: The CT300 has a flow measurement range from 0.4 CFH to 300 CFH (20 SCCM to 14 SLM). This allows it to support residential, commercial and light industrial flow measurement applications. 

– Compact and lightweight design: Weighing just 1.5 lbs, the CT300 features a compact inline design that’s easy to install, even in tight spaces.  

– Temperature compensation: Built-in temperature compensation eliminates measurement errors due to changes in gas temperature. 

– Pulse output: The optical sensor gives high resolution pulse output for interfacing with data loggers, counters, and other instruments. 

– LCD display: An easy-to-read 8-digit LCD displays real-time flow rate, total consumption, and alarm setpoints. 

– Field configurable units: Users can choose from various unit configurations including SCFM, SCMH, kg/h, Nm3/h. 

– Alarm output: User-configurable high and low flow alarms alert when flow goes beyond set limits. 


The CT300 flow meter is designed for gas flow measurement and monitoring in: 

– Residential gas meters: The CT300 provides precise gas consumption data for residential utility billing. Its wide flow range can handle household gas demand fluctuations. 

– Commercial cooking gas: Restaurants and commercial kitchens can employ the CT300 to measure their cooking gas usage from appliances like stoves, ovens, grills etc. 

– Natural gas vehicles: With their growing popularity, NGVs require accurate gas measurement. The CT300 allows monitoring fill levels and optimising engine performance.  

– Gas turbines: The CT300 can monitor fuel gas flow to gas turbines used in power generation and mechanical drives. 

– Burner and boiler gas supply: This meter can be integrated into industrial burner and boiler gas supply lines to monitor gas flow rates. 

– Engine fuel monitoring: By logging CT300 flow data, race teams can monitor real-time fuel consumption by engines to calculate fuel efficiency. 

– Air flow measurement: The CT300 can even measure compressed air flows in various pneumatic equipment and tools. 


– Accurate and repeatable measurement: The CT300 provides reliable, repeatable flow measurement with accuracy up to ±1% of reading. 

– Wide measurement range: The highly sensitive rotor design enables the CT300 to accurately measure gas flow from low to high flow rates. 

– Easy installation: With threaded end connectors, the CT300 can be installed easily inline with gas piping systems without modifications. 

– Real-time flow monitoring: The LCD display gives users real-time data on gas consumption and alerts when flow crosses alarm limits.  

– Compact and durable: Made of hardened aluminum, the CT300 combines a compact and lightweight inline design with the durability to withstand vibrations and shocks. 

– Low pressure drop: The efficient rotor design allows smooth gas flow through the meter, resulting in minimal pressure drop. 


The Comfort CT300 is an advanced digital turbine gas meter suitable for residential, commercial and light industrial applications. It provides accurate and reliable flow measurement over a wide range of flow rates. With its durable inline design, real-time monitoring, alarm capabilities, and easy installation, the CT300 gives users a cost-effective metering solution to help monitor their gas consumption and optimize gas usage.