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Nilan VPL 28 Heat Pump

The Nilan VPL 28 is an air-to-water heat pump designed for domestic hot water production and heating in residential buildings. Manufactured by the Danish company Nilan, it utilizes a vapor compression system to provide high efficiency heating and hot water.  

Nilan VPL 28 Introduction

Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular technology for providing space heating and domestic hot water in homes and businesses. Unlike conventional heating systems that generate heat by burning fossil fuels, heat pumps use electricity to extract existing heat from the ground or air and concentrate it to a higher temperature. This makes them much more energy efficient. The Nilan VPL 28 is one such air-source heat pump model aimed at the residential market.  

Working Principle

The Nilan VPL 28 works on the standard vapor compression cycle used in most heat pumps and air conditioners. This thermodynamic cycle consists of four main components – an evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve. The refrigerant starts as a low pressure, low temperature vapor. It enters the compressor where it gets compressed to a high pressure, high temperature vapour. This hot vapour then flows into the condenser heat exchanger where it condenses into a high pressure, moderate temperature liquid by rejecting heat to the water being heated. The liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve which brings down its pressure and temperature. The low pressure liquid vaporizes in the evaporator by absorbing ambient heat from the air. The evaporator has a fan that draws outdoor air across it. The cycle then repeats. 

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Nilan VPL 28

VPL 28 Heating Capacity and Efficiency 

The Nilan VPL 28 has a maximum heating capacity of 28 kW. Its coefficient of performance or COP – a measure of efficiency – ranges from 3.27 to 3.88 depending on the outdoor air temperature. The higher the COP, the more energy efficient the heat pump. These specifications make the VPL 28 suitable for heating residential homes and apartments as well as producing domestic hot water. At mild outdoor temperatures around 7°C, the unit can achieve a COP of more than 3.8 which is considered excellent. The efficiency gradually drops at lower temperatures.  

Hot Water Production 

Equipped with a 180 litre integrated water tank, the Nilan VPL 28 can deliver up to 300 liters of hot water at 45°C per hour. It is designed to serve hydronic heating systems where hot water circulates through radiators. The unit has connections for return line and hot water supply to the heating system. For just hot water needs, it has a domestic cold water inlet and a hot water outlet. The stainless steel water tank comes with two internal heat exchangers – one upper and one lower. The upper exchanger connected to the heat pump circuit heats the domestic water supply while the lower one is for space heating water. 

Nilan VPL 28 Technical Details 

Some key technical specifications of the Nilan VPL 28 heat pump are: 

– Refrigerant: R407C  

– Water volume: 180 liters 

– Dimensions: 60 x 67 x 188 cm 

– Weight: 205 kg 

– Sound power: 44 dB(A) 

– Power supply: 230V, 50Hz single phase 

– Maximum input power: 5.25 kW 

The unit has an epoxy coated galvanised steel frame and polymer jacket panels. It comes with two rotary compressors with one acting as a backup for added redundancy. The built-in water pump provides a maximum water pressure of 3 bar.  

Controls and Modes

The Nilan VPL 28 comes equipped with an advanced microprocessor-based control system. It has a user-friendly digital display and control panel. The modes of operation that can be selected are: 

– Auto: Automatically maintains desired hot water temperature 

– Boost: Quick water heating by operating at maximum capacity 

– Eco: Optimises efficiency based on external conditions  

– Holiday: Reduces water temperature during extended no use periods 

The controller monitors inlet and outlet water temperatures, allowing modulation of heat pump capacity to precisely maintain the temperature setpoint. It also prevents operation if the outdoor temperature is above 25°C when efficiency would be very low. 

Applications and Use

With its ample heating capacity and hot water production, the Nilan VPL 28 is ideal for space heating and domestic use in: 

– Single family homes 

– Apartments and condominiums   

– Vacation cottages 

– Small commercial buildings 

It delivers an efficient and environmentally responsible solution by utilising electricity instead of fossil fuels. The ability to modulate output helps maintain comfort and efficiency across changing seasonal temperatures and occupancy levels. Compared to conventional boilers, the VPL 28 can lower energy bills by 60% or more. 

The Nilan VPL 28 provides a green technology for space and water heating needs in residential buildings. With high efficiency operation and design enhancements for convenience and reliability, it represents the new generation of heat pumps. 

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