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Compact P Air 9 / Geo


Compact P is developed for future homes. The system can be used in all types of low-energy and passive buildings but can also ensure low energy consumption in any home or flat.

Top-class efficiency

Compact P is equipped with the latest technology, comprising a highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger, as well as a special designed heating pump that utilises the residual energy in the extracted air.

Overall, the system yields top-class performance. The counter flow heat exchanger has a temperature efficiency of up to 95%, combined with a heat pump that ensures a high supply air temperature and very low costs to production of sanitary hot water. The integrated AIR 9, GEO 3, GEO 6 and GEO 9 heat pumps utilize the latest compressor technology to ensure that the heat output is continuously matched to the home’s requirements.

Many benefits

The compact design and numerous functions combined in one unit ensures minimum installation, space requirements, as well as rapid and easy installation. The latest technology and high-quality components not only provide an optimum indoor climate, but also low annual operating costs, making this a sound investment in every respect.


Since Compact P is module-based, it offers not just one, but several solutions. The unit can be combined with a geothermal or an outdoor air heat pump that can be fully integrated into Compact P. As either a supplementary or total heating solution, Compact P combines up to five functions:

  • Ventilation with active and passive heat recovery
  • Comfort heating
  • Comfort cooling
  • Sanitary hot water production
  • Heating of the home (with AIR 9 or GEO 3/6/9)



Future-proof system Compact P hot water production fulfils the most stringent requirements in the eco design regulation and thereby achieves the highest energy labelling. The system is tested by an independent testing institute and has achieved the demanding Passive Building Certificate, as further confirmation that this is a highly energy-sustainable solution. The Compact P series, with both GEO and AIR heat pumps, has achieved the German Smart Grid certification which means it can fit the operation to the power capacity of the power network. Product description Compact P is an energy-efficient total indoor climate solution for all types of low-energy buildings, single-family homes, flats and small office areas in commercial leases with a ventilation requirement of up to 300 m3/h.

Compact P recovers the energy from the extracted air using a highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger. The remaining energy that is not utilized by the counter flow heat exchanger is used by the heat pump to produce hot water, and to further heat the supply air.

The heat pump has a reversible cooling circuit, which means that, in the summer, the unit can cool the supply air by up to 10 °C. Due to the low air exchange, the cooling does not function as an air conditioning system. On cooling, the supply air is dehumidified, which gives a more pleasant indoor climate than is possible with an ordinary ventilation unit without a heat pump.


CTS 700 Touch panel

The Compact P is controlled by its CTS 700 touch panel, which provides a wide range of functions, including menu-controlled operation, week programmes, time-controlled filter monitor, fan speed adjustment, temperature control, error messages etc.

The CTS 700ʼsfactory settings are default settings that can be adapted to operating needs and requirements, to achieve optimum operation and utilization of the system.

Operating instructions for CTS 700 can be found in the separate user guide supplied with the system.

Smart Grid function

Operating mode 1 -is lack of power. Therefore, the GEO and AIR heat pumps will be turned off in those periods, typical up to 2 hours.

Operating mode 2 -is normal operation. The unit is running by the set values.

Operating mode 3 -is low-cost power available. It is possible to use more power for e.g., Hot water production by increasing the setpoint as well as increasing the supply temperature for the underfloor heating and use the floor as a buffer for the periods where the heat pump must be shut off.

Operating mode 4 -is overcapacity of power. It is possible to use more power for hot water production by increasing the setpoint, but the GEO and AIR heat pumps must increase the supply temperature for the underfloor heating.

Intelligent humidity control

Nilan’s humidity control automatically adapts to the needs of the family or the building.

The intelligences 700 control unit does not need to have a set level input for air humidity (RH) to control the air exchange. By using the integrated humidity sensor, the control unit calculates the average level itself for the last 24 hours. The average level provides a basis for deciding whether to change the air exchange if the air humidity fluctuates.

This ensures that the unit always runs at its most efficient, based on the actual air humidity level and not on a theoretical one. This helps save energy because it automatically adapts to the requirements in the home. Whether a large family or a single person is living in the building has a considerable influence on how much humidity is produced.

The unit also adjusts automatically to summer and winter level.


Network communication

The CTS 700 control can be accessed via a PC application that is accessible for installation technicians.

The system can be connected directly to a PC or connected via a local network and accessed via the network.

This makes it possible to remote control/control the system by connecting to the local network via the internet. It is recommended to create a fixed IP address for the network, in order to access the network without problems.

This makes it possible to offer the user a service contract, as the system can be monitored and controlled from any location, as long as there is an internet connection.

Modbus communication

The CTS 700 control communicates as standard with Modbus TCP/IP communication. A CTS system using this form of communication can easily be connected to the unit.

Nilan units have an open Modbus communication, i.e., not only can the unit be monitored, but its operation can also be set in the same way as it can via the operating panel.

The protocol is set upby default for a Modbus TCP/IP.

IP-address: Port: 52 (adjustable) A Modbus converter allows you to connect one or more units to a computer to monitor and control the units.



Product description

Compact P AIR 9 has the same benefits and functions as Compact P, but also has an integrated air/water heat pump, with connection to waterborne underfloor heating or low temperature radiators for central heating.

The solution consists of an integrated interior section in Compact P, as well as an exterior section that is easy to connect.

AIR 9 is delivered with a reversible heat pump, which also makes the unit capable of cooling.

AIR 9 is very silent and can be placed without disturbing it surroundings. During summer, when only hot sanitary water is needed, the fan is limited, reducing the noise level. This limit occurs when the outdoor temperature exceeds 7 °Cand limiting the compressors output to a maximum off 60 %. These criteria’s can be set individually.



Product description

Compact P GEO offers the same benefits and functions as Compact P, but additionally has an integrated geothermal pump, with connection to waterborne underfloor heating or low-temperature central-heating radiators.

The heat pumps are available in two sizes: GEO 3 (0.5 -3 kW), GEO 6 (1 -6 kW) and GEO 9 (1,5 -9 kW). The variable compressor makes Compact P GEO a far more efficient and energy friendly solution than traditional heat pumps that often have compressors with a constant output.

As the output is subject to variable regulation, the heat pump never uses more energy than necessary, which gives a very high SCOP.

  • With GEO 3, a SCOP of 5.17 is achieved
  • With GEO 6, a SCOP of 5.15 is achieved
  • With GEO 9, a SCOP of 5.49 is achieved



Product description

The SHW tank is a 250-litrehot water tank with a built-in solar spiral and a geothermal heat pump supplementary spiral that can be connected to all Compact P solutions. The solution is ideal for families with a high consumption of hot water.

The heat pump is used to pre-heat the domestic hot water in the SHW tank to 30-45°C(via a 3-way valve temperature sensor in the top of the SHW and the CTS 700 control).

The hot water is led in series through the SHW tank and Compact P 180-litretank. This solution makes it possible to produce domestic hot water, since surplus heat from a heat pump and/or any solar heating system is accumulated in the tanks.

The SHW tank is prepared for the installation of a temperature sensor for external control of solar heating. The solar spiralis intended for solar heating systems with solar collectors of approx. 4 m2. The tanks foam insulation ensures minimum heat loss from the tank.



NilAIR is installed together with a ventilation unit, which in simple terms consists of distribution boxes from which tubes are led out to air extraction and air supply boxes in the individual rooms.

NilAIR can be installed in ceilings, walls, or floors. The lightweight tubes can be used for even the most complicated tube alignments, where e.g., Traditional spiral ducts cannot be use.


  • Flexible and space-saving solution
  • Rapid and simple installation with a click system
  • Dimensionally stable and corrosion-resistant quality material
  • Simple regulation of the air supply volume
  • Low weight
  • Airtight
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Prevents sound travelling from room to room



Compact P is one of few compact ventilation and heat recovery units in the world to gain the internationally recognised passive building certification – in definitive recognition of the environmental benefits due to its high efficiency.

This certification means that Compact P is pre-approved for passive buildings, so that no further documentation is required.

The German Passivhaus Institute (PHI), which is behind passive building certification, is a key player in the low-energy construction industry, especially because the institute created the passive building concept.