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VP 18 M2

Product description

The VP 18 M2 unit is designed for installation in utility or technical rooms and is suitable for homes with an air exchange requirement of up to 300 m3/h.

The unit combines ventilation with active heat recovery, production of hot water and comfort heating, in one compact, space-saving solution.

VP 18 M2 is the obvious choice for homes with limited space, as it does not require more space than an ordinary wall cabinet. This should be compared to solutions with separate ventilation, heating and hot water installations, which can soon fill up a utility or technical room.


CTS 602 Control

VP18 M2 is controlled using its CTS 602 HMI touch panel, featuring a wide range of functions, e.g., menu-controlled operation, weekly programme settings, filter monitor with timer, fan speed adjustment, summer bypass, supply-heating element control, error messages etc.

The CTS 602 comes with factory settings, including default setting which can be customised to operational requirements to achieve optimum operation and utilisation of the system.

There is an option for selecting between 2 front page images for the main screen.

Operating instructions for the CTS 602 can be found in a separate user manual supplied with the unit.

External communication

The CTS 602 control unit communicates by default with Modbus RTU RS485 communication. A CTS system using this form of communication can easily be connected to the unit.

Nilan units have an open Modbus communication, i.e., not only can the unit be monitored, but its operation can also be set in the same way as it can via the operating panel.

The protocol is set upby default for a Modbus RTU 30 address but can be set to a value between 1 and 247.

A Modbus converter allows you to connect one or more units to a computer to monitor and control the unit.



The flexible VP 18 M2 series features four different units that can meet any need for ventilation and hot water -from the basic to the more advanced levels.

VP 18 M2

VP 18 M2 is the basic model, with active ventilation of up to 300 m3/h and production of hot water in a 180-ltank.

This system is described on the preceding pages.

VP 18 M2 cooling/solar

Select VP 18 M2 with cooling and solar function, for cooling of the supply air and if there is a need for extra hot water, e.g. A spa bath.

Cooling function

A newly built house will be well-sealed and insulated, making it is easy to keep warm, but during hot spells it may be difficult to keep the home cool. The VP 18 M2 cooling function operates via the reversible cooling circuit that can cool the outdoor air by up to 10 °C. This is not the same as air conditioning, however, but when the supply air is cooled down, the level of humidity in the home will decrease, making the indoor climate more comfortable

Solar function

With the help of an extra heating element, the unit can be connected to a solar panel, oil, gas or other fuel source, to increase the production of hot water.

VP 18 M2 EK

VP 18 M2 EK isa VP 18 unit with a builtin9-kWelectrical boiler that is connected to a waterborne central heating system, for electrical heating of the home.

One of the big advantages of the VP 18 M2 EK is that it does not require pipes buried in the ground, or the installation of an air extraction heat pump, as in the case of traditional heat-pump based heating solutions.

VP 18 M2 EK Cooling/solar

With VP 18 M2 EK cooling/solar, all solutions are gathered in one unit.

Ventilation, hot water and central heating are combined in one unit that does not take up more space than an ordinary wall cabinet. This should be compared to solutions with separate ventilation, heating and hot water installations, which can soon fill up a utility or technical room.


VP 18 M2 ventilates the home via an active heat recovery function that recovers the energy in the hot air that is extracted from the home, transferring it to the supply air.

The center of a ventilation system with active heat recovery is a heat pump that, in general terms, comprises of an evaporator and a condenser. The energy in the hot air extracted from the home is taken upby the evaporator before the air is led outdoors. The condenser then transfers the energy from the evaporator to the cold air intake before it is streamed into the home, thereby eliminating the heat loss.

Compared to a counterflow heat exchanger, which recovers upto90% of the heat, the heat pumputilises100% of the heat, both to heat the supply air and to produce hot water.

In the summer, the process is reversed from heating to cooling, so that the system cools the fresh summer air flowing into the home. The VP 18 M2 system can cool the air in relation to the outdoor temperature. Due to the low air exchange, VP 18 M2 cannot be compared with air conditioning. Besides cooling the air intake, humidity is reduced, ensuring a good comfort level, even with a high indoor temperature.