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Supplying Nilan systems to SL Services in the UK for 16 years

Comfort CT300 / Polar

Comfort CT300 / Polar Product description

Based on the many years’ experience from the Comfort series, Nilan has developed a future-proof system, Comfort CT300, that meets the 2020 requirements of ventilation systems, and is also passive-house certified.

The unit is constructed to ensure low energy consumption by optimising the air flows in the system and thereby reducing the internal pressure loss, as well as using quality components with low energy consumption.

We have thereby developed an energy-efficient ventilation system with heat recovery for homes and smaller commercial buildings with a ventilation requirement of up to 400 m3/h.

Comfort CT300 / Polar is factory tested and ready for use. Installation and commissioning must be performed by an authorised electrician.


CTS 602 Control

The Comfort CT300 is controlled using its CTS 602 HMI touch panel, featuring a wide range of functions, e.g., menu-controlled operation, weekly programme settings, filter monitor with timer, fan speed adjustment, summer bypass (free cooling), supply-heating element control, error messages etc.

The CTS 602 comes with factory settings, including a default setting which can be customised to operational requirements to achieve optimum operation and utilisation of the system.

There is an option for selecting between 2 front page images for the main screen.

Operating instructions for the CTS 602 can be found in a separate user manual supplied with the unit.


External communication

The CTS 602 control unit communicates by default with Modbus RTU RS485 communication. A CTS system using this form of communication can easily be connected to the unit.

Nilan units have an open Modbus communication, i.e. not only can the unit be monitored, but its operation can also be set in the same way as it can via the operating panel.

The protocol is set upby default for a Modbus RTU 30 address, but can be set to a value between 1 and 247.

A Modbus converter allows you to connect one or more units to a computer to monitor and control the unit.


Comfort CT300 / Polar Intelligent humidity control

Nilan’s humidity control automatically adapts to the needs of the family or the building.

The intelligent CTS 602 control unit does not need to have a set level input for air humidity (RH) to control the air exchange. By using the integrated humidity sensor, the control unit calculates the average level itself for the last 24 hours. The average level provides a basis for deciding whether to change the air exchange if the air humidity fluctuates.

This ensures that the unit always runs at its most efficient, based on the actual air humidity level and not on a theoretical one.

This helps save energy because it automatically adapts to the requirements in the home. Whether a large family or a single person is living in the building has a considerable influence on how much humidity is produced.

The unit also adjusts automatically to summer and winter level.


Frost protection

All ventilation units with a counterflow heat exchanger will ice up if the outdoor temperature is below freezing for a prolonged period.

The extracted air condenses when it is cooled down during heat recovery. The high temperature efficiency will slowly turn the condensate to ice, which will block up the counterflow heat exchanger unless action is taken to remedy this.

Consideration must be given to whether the units operation can be protected during a lengthy period of frost or whether it is acceptable to decrease its operation.

In homes which are occupied at night, it would be advisable to protect the unit against frost when the outdoor temperature is coldest by using a pre-heating element. On the other hand, if the ventilation is for an office, it may be acceptable to decrease the operating level at night.


NilAIR is installed together with a ventilation unit, which in simple terms consists of distribution boxes from which tubes are led out to air extraction and air supply boxes in the individual rooms.

NilAIR can be installed in ceilings, walls or floors. The lightweight tubes can be used for even the most complicated tube alignments, where e.g. traditional spiral ducts cannot be used.


Flexible and space-saving solution

  • Rapid and simple installation with a click system
  • Dimensionally stable and corrosion-resistant quality material
  • Simple regulation of the air supply volume
  • Low weight
  • Airtight
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Prevents sound travelling from room to room

NilAIR is already installed in thousands of European homes and since its introduction more than ten years ago its use has steadily increased, due to the rapid and easy installation without any special tools being required.

“Enabling the impossible”

Traditional air distribution systems take upa lot of space and often make special building structures impossible. NilAIR virtually eliminates this problem, due to the tubes size and flexibility.

Nilan comfort CT300 / Polar