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Supplying Nilan systems to SL Services in the UK for 16 years

Nilan Compact P EK: Revolutionary Ventilation for Buildings

Proper ventilation is essential for creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Stale, humid air needs to be continuously replaced with fresh outdoor air. The Danish company Nilan has designed an innovative ventilation unit that sets new standards for efficiency, convenience and quiet operation – the Compact P EK. 

At the heart of the Nilan Compact P EK is its high-performance counterflow heat exchanger. With a thermal efficiency of up to 95%, the heat exchanger can recover almost all the thermal energy from the extracted air and transfer it to the supply air. This enables the unit to provide fresh air without wasting energy heating it. The heat exchanger requires no defrosting or maintenance and operates independently. This results in huge savings on energy bills compared to traditional extract fans. 

The Compact P EK comes in a compact wall-mounted unit with dimensions of just 590 x 762 x 612 mm and a weight of 38 kg. Despite its small size, the unit can serve areas up to 180 m2 and deliver airflow rates between 70-300 m3/h. The unit is designed for quick and easy installation. With its discreet appearance, the Compact P EK can be installed in any internal wall and even fits into tight spaces like false ceilings.  

The Nilan unit utilizes an energy-efficient EC fan motor that consumes little electricity even when operating continuously. Sound levels are impressively low, ranging from just 21-44 dB(A) depending on the airflow. This makes the Compact P EK suitable for noise-sensitive spaces like bedrooms and nurseries. Intelligent humidity sensors allow the unit to adjust operation based on indoor climate conditions. 

With its high energy efficiency, convenient size, quick installation, and ultra-quiet performance, the Nilan Compact P EK sets a new benchmark for residential heat recovery ventilation. It outperforms traditional extract fans by providing fresh filtered air without heat loss or noise disturbance. This makes it an ideal solution for low-energy buildings and passive houses seeking high air quality. Considering its competitive price, the Compact P EK delivers unmatched value among modern ventilation systems. 

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Compact P EK: A Revolutionary Ventilation System for Modern Buildings">
Nilan compact p ek

In summary, the revolutionary Nilan Compact P EK combines set-and-forget convenience with energy efficiency. With its smart technology, it continuously keeps indoor air fresh and healthy while reducing energy costs. For both residential and commercial buildings, the Compact P EK is the new gold standard for ventilation.