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Supplying Nilan systems to SL Services in the UK for 16 years

The Nilan Comfort CT500: A Centralised Ventilation System

The Nilan Comfort CT500 is a heavy-duty ventilation unit designed to provide whole-building air circulation and conditioning for spaces ranging from apartment blocks to hotels, offices complexes and more. Part of Danish manufacturer Nilan’s expansive line of smart ventilation solutions, the CT500 delivers large-scale air quality and comfort with exceptional energy efficiency. 

How the CT500 Works  

Like Nilan’s smaller capacity ventilation systems, the Comfort CT500 utilises a highly effective counterflow heat exchanger to temper fresh outside air before sending it into a building. The CT500 features dual heat exchangers working in parallel for maximum efficiency even in extremely hot or cold climates. The system includes 4 stages of air filtration to purify the incoming air supply. 

The centralised Comfort CT500 connects to ductwork leading to separate areas in a building. Constant volume or variable air volume distribution methods and integrated controls allow for precise conditioning of different zones as needed. The whole system has ultra-low noise operation through the implementation of sound attenuating materials in its construction. 

Benefits of the Comfort CT500 

With capacity to ventilate structures over 90,000 square feet in size, the industrial-strength Nilan Comfort CT500 offers numerous advantages: 

– Large Scale Ventilation: Few ventilation units can move as much air as the CT500 with its powerful fans and extensive ductwork scalability. It meets the conditioning demands of the largest buildings.  

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Comfort CT500: A Powerful Centralised Ventilation System">
Nilan ct500

– Substantial Energy Savings: The counterflow heat exchangers provide up to 80% reduction in heating/cooling costs required to temper supply air, while optional heat pumps offer additional energy savings. 

– Highly Configurable: With variable air volume distribution and zone control options, ventilation rates can be precisely adjusted between different areas based on occupancy or need. 

– Ultra Quiet: Utilizes multilayer sound insulation to achieve noise levels as low as 44 dB(A) even when operating at maximum capacity. 

– Customizable Controls: The CT500 has advanced integrated controls and can connect to external home/building automation systems for supervision via BMS, ModBus and web browser.   

– Rugged & Weatherproof: With a robust, marine-grade aluminium casing and corrosion-resistant components, the CT500 is designed to withstand decades of operation in demanding environments. 

Applications for the Nilan Comfort CT500 

With its immense airflow capacity, redundancy features and flexible configurations, the Nilan Comfort CT500 is well suited for ventilation and air conditioning challenges in:    

– Large Corporate Spaces: Offices, factories, warehouses, data centres, retail stores. Options for heat recovery VAV make it perfect for multi-zone corporate applications.   

– Hotels: Conditioning for lobbies, banquet halls, guest rooms and back of house areas easily handled by the CT500’s zoning capabilities. 

– Hospitals: Air filtration and exacting ventilation control assists infection control while creating patient comfort. 

– Apartment Complexes: Individual modular units assembled help precisely meet the unique needs of different units and common areas. 

– Schools & Universities: Customized ventilation essential for classrooms, dormitories, cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums and more high occupancy spaces. 

Finding an AuthoriSed Nilan Distributor  

The advanced Nilan Comfort CT500 centraliSed ventilation systems are available internationally from Nilan’s network of qualified distributors who provide expert consultancy services to identify ideal solutions tailored to your project requirements. Nilan’s website features a locator to connect you with local reps for planning assistance, technical support and professional installation. 

The Nilan Comfort CT500 represents a pinnacle of technological innovation in large-capacity ventilation capable of providing superior air quality even in expansive multi-use buildings with unique conditioning challenges. It’s in a class by itself when it comes to true commercial-scale ventilation solutions.