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Supplying Nilan systems to SL Services in the UK for 16 years

Common Problems with Heat Pumps and How Nilan Addresses Them

Heat pumps provide an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. However, like any complex appliance, they can develop issues that affect their performance and lifespan. Here are some of the most common heat pump problems and how premium brands like Nilan work to prevent them. 

Refrigerant Leaks 

The refrigerant circulating through a heat pump enables it to absorb and release heat. But over time, refrigerant can leak from failed seals, corroded coils, or loose fittings. This reduces the unit’s efficiency and capacity. Nilan uses high-integrity copper tubing and brazed joints to minimize leaks. Their units also monitor refrigerant levels. 

Frozen Evaporator Coils 

In cold weather, moisture can freeze on the evaporator coils blocking airflow and causing the system to shut down. Nilan heat pumps have advanced defrost mechanisms to melt ice as well as optimized coil designs that allow proper drainage to prevent freezing. 

Failed Compressor 

The compressor is the heart of a heat pump. If it fails, the unit stops working. Nilan uses high-quality compressors selected for reliability and equips units with monitoring systems to protect the compressor from damage. This results in a longer lifespan. 

Control Board Failure 

The control board regulates the heat pump’s operation. If it malfunctions, temperature regulation and switching between modes may fail. Nilan uses control boards designed for robustness in tough operating environments to avoid premature failure. 

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Nilan Heat Pump Problems

Noisy Operation  

Loose parts, imbalanced fans, and high pressure can cause annoying vibration and noise. Nilan heat pumps use sound-dampening materials and fan designs that provide quiet, unobtrusive operation. 

Short Cycling  

When a unit frequently turns on and off, it leads to wear and stress on components. Nilan optimizes the controls to minimize short cycling and ensure steady, efficient operation. 

Improper Refrigerant Charge 

Too much or too little refrigerant reduces performance. Nilan’s monitoring systems track refrigerant level and notify when it’s too high or low so it can be corrected. Proper charging at installation also prevents issues. 

Dirty Filters and Coils 

Regular maintenance is key for any heat pump. Dirty filters and coils lower air flow, efficiency, and capacity. Nilan units have filters that are readily accessible and simple to clean. Coils can easily be washed by a technician during annual servicing. 

Electrical and Wiring Problems 

Faulty power supplies, loose wiring, blown fuses, and other electrical issues can cause intermittent operation or failure. Nilan uses high-quality components and robust wiring harnesses resistant to vibration damage. 

Poor Installation   

If a unit is not properly installed, sealed, charged, and commissioned, problems can occur immediately or down the road. Nilan provides detailed installation instructions and partners with certified installers to ensure optimal setup. 

By designing robust, high-quality systems and working to prevent issues from occurring, Nilan offers one of the most reliable heat pump solutions on the market. While problems can arise with any brand, Nilan sets itself apart by directly addressing common failure points to maximise the lifespan and performance of your system. Investing in a premium Nilan heat pump gives you peace of mind knowing it’s built to last.